Eduard Isabekyan Gallery in Yerevan

Address: 7a Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0002, Armenia 

Eduard Isabekyan Gallery is included in the list of eleven galleries recommended by the Yerevan Municipality for visiting in the capital of Armenia. The visitors can learn about the life and work of the famous Soviet Armenian painter Eduard Isabekyan.


The gallery exhibition includes 39 works by the artist. Most of them were transferred from the family collection to the gallery by his son.

The idea of creating a personal exhibition space for the artist was born in 2004. The gallery was opened in 2013. It is housed in the building of the HayArt Center for Conceptual Art. The center is built in a neo-constructivist architectural style, which is a rarity for Yerevan.

The exposition of the gallery is located on two floors. The upper one is occupied by large conceptual works, mainly on heroic and liberation themes. In addition, the main fund of the Gallery includes vivid portraits and scenes from the life of ordinary people. In addition to paintings, you will see manuscripts, letters, photographs, and diary notes of the painter.

The employees of the gallery are always ready to give a tour and talk about the life and work of Eduard Isabekyan. A free audio guide in different languages is also available at the museum.

Since 2015, the works by Eduard Isabekyan’s students have been exhibited regularly in the Gallery. Over the years of his career, he taught more than 300 painters.

About Eduard Isabekyan

Eduard Isabekyan was born in 1914 in the small village of Idgir in the Erivan province (modern-day Turkey). He studied graphics and painting at the Geghard College in Yerevan and later continued his education at the Tbilisi Art Academy. After graduation, he became a true professional in working with color and light.

His paintings are full of dynamics and emotions. The heroic genre became prevalent in his work. "The Entry of the 11th Army into Yerevan" and "The Battle of Avarayr" are among his most famous works. The painting "Davit Bek” artistically depicts a real-life commander surrounded by standard-bearers and defeated enemies who kneel in recognition of their defeat. Davit Bek was the greatest Armenian commander of the 18th century, who liberated Eastern Armenia from Turkish, Iranian, and Qizilbash invaders.

The work of Eduard Isabekyan embodies the idea of victory and liberation. It shows bold and determined people, who are ready to defend their land. In his paintings, Isabekyan also reflected the theme of the Armenian genocide. He created various Illustrations, portraits, and landscapes as well.