Yerevan Wine Days 2023

Date: from 02-JUN-23 to 04-JUN-23
City: Yerevan
Wine days in Yerevan

Venue: Saryan-Moskovyan Str. till Spendiaryan, Pushkin Str.
Organizer: Eventtoura

About Yerevan Wine Days:

Every year in early June, the Yerevan Wine Days Festival comes to life, showcasing the finest vineyards and wineries that Armenia has to offer, both established and emerging ones. For three heady days, the heart of Armenia's capital city teems with tourists and locals alike, sampling an array of wines from dawn to dusk. Alongside the classic roses, reds, and whites, you'll also encounter the unusual amber wines, matured in traditional clay amphorae known as karas.

Yerevan Wine Days
Yerevan Wine Days
Yerevan Wine Days

The festival exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, encouraging a slow-paced exploration of the myriad of wine tasting stations set up by various producers. There's a festive spirit in the air. The leisurely amble through Yerevan's charming central streets, combined with the genuine smiles of local winery owners and representatives, the delectable wines and delicious food, all combine to create an experience that's truly special and memorable.

To participate in the festival, you need to purchase a glass in a branded holder, and tasting coupons. You'll also receive a brochure detailing information about the festival and its participating entities.

Location and Zoning

The festival is centered around Moscovian, Tumanyan, and Saryan streets. Typically, the festival area spans 2-3 kilometers in length. On any other day, these city thoroughfares are a bustling hive of cars and public transportation. But for three days every year, they are cordoned off to give way to a luxurious wine celebration, allowing guests to enjoy their wines amidst the authentic Yerevan cityscape. The expanse of the three streets is strategically segmented into various zones to facilitate easy navigation and comfortable movement for the attendees:

Yerevan Wine Days
Yerevan Wine Days
Yerevan Wine Days
  • A ticketing zone featuring 10 ticket booths;
  • A wine zone, which in 2022 boasted over 200 wine vending points;
  • A gastronomy zone where festival-goers can enjoy a wide array of dishes, snacks, and traditional sweets, from potentially more than 30 pavilions;
  • A music zone, housing two stages, where a blend of modern and classical music is played throughout most of the day. In the evening, attendees can enjoy a grand concert featuring popular artists and music bands;
  • A masterclass zone where professional sommeliers share insights about the unique characteristics of various types of wines and the proper ways to taste them;
  • A food blogging zone - a platform for culinary masterclasses where top chefs prepare dishes from both national and European cuisine, recommending wine pairings for each;
  • An interview zone, a hub for well-known TV hosts and other media personalities;
  • A souvenir zone, where you can purchase jewelry, accessories, stationery, and other items featuring festival symbolism, along with gift sets of wine and sweets;
  • An audio theater zone, where attendees can listen to stories about Armenian wine and grape varieties, broadcast in English, Russian, and Armenian languages (sessions occur 5-7 times a day);
  • A delivery zone, offering a service to deliver wines purchased at the festival right to your doorstep.

There's a plethora of activities to indulge in at the Yerevan Wine Days, with many festival-goers choosing to attend each day to explore the offerings from emerging Armenian wineries.

The festival is set to return in 2023, scheduled for June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.