Volcano Gutanasar near Yerevan

Just an hour's drive from Yerevan, en route to Lake Sevan, the Gutanasar volcano stands as a unique spectacle. This extinct three-peaked wonder, draped in a fine coat of grass, has become a favorite among travelers for its distinct shape and countless photo opportunities. Indeed, it’s a sought-after spot for those looking to spruce up their Instagram feed.

The volcano rises roughly 300 meters from its base. For the adventurous, its "heads" offer gentle slopes for a relaxed climb. Many are drawn to Gutanasar not just for the ascent but to marvel at the lush panoramas that await at its crest. On reaching its top, you're greeted by a magnificent fissure layered with thick volcanic lava. It's a sight to behold, reminiscent of expansive deserts or perhaps the mysterious sandy ravines of a distant planet. And if you're up for it, the summit provides an ideal backdrop for a scenic picnic, with views stretching out to the picturesque Gegham range and the expansive Ararat plain. The volcano's true charm is best captured in the early morning light or during the golden hues of sunset, when its sands shimmer in vibrant shades of yellow-orange, sparking the imaginations of its visitors.

Starting your journey to Gutanasar involves a 40-kilometer drive from Yerevan to the quaint village of Fantan. From there, the base of the volcano is accessible by foot. However, a word to the wise: the area around Gutanasar is known to have snakes. It's advisable to wear long trousers and high-cut shoes when venturing to the volcano.