Opera and Ballet Theatre, Yerevan

Opera and Ballet Theatre, Yerevan The Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the outstanding landmarks of the country. Located in the heart of Yerevan it was designed by the architect Alexander Tamanian who connected two auditoriums in a uniform semicircular building in unusual manner. While building this temple of art Tamanian used the best traditions of medieval Armenian architecture stylizing traditional national ornament.

The theater part of the building was finished in 1939. In 1963 the big hall of the philharmonic society was added. The building in its present condition appeared after the reconstruction of 1980. The theatre capacity is 1,260 people; the philharmonic society hall – 1,400. Both halls have the shape of an amphitheatre and are distinguished by magnificent acoustics. The project was awarded the "Grand Prix" at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937.

The square in front of the Opera building are decorated by the sculptures of the poet O.Tumanian and the composer A.Spendiarian. There is a swan lake near the square. Numerous cafes giving special color to the adjoining district are very popular with Yerevan youth.