Armenian Railways Museum, Yerevan

Armenian Railways Museum, Yerevan

Address: 86, Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan
Phone: (+374 99) 40-01-28
Working hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m.
Closed: on Saturday and Sunday

At the Armenian Railways Museum you will find yourself surrounded by Armenian locomotives, railroad equipment and models of train cars old and new. This fun and unique museum celebrates the past, present and future of South Caucasus Railways, with a primary focus on the lines which crisscross Armenian soil.

Museum History

Armenian Railways Museum opened on July 31, 2009, although it was preceded in the Soviet era by an unofficial museum in which only a handful of exhibits were made accessible to the public. Today the museum is owned by JSC “Russian Railways”, which manages Armenian railway company JSC “South Caucasus Railways”.

Armenian Railways Museum provides a closer look into railway history in the Caucasus, which began in 1896 when the Russian Empire commenced construction of the Tbilisi – Alexandropol (presently Gyumri) – Kars rail route. Since 2015, Railway Museum of Armenia has been taking part in “Long Night of Museums”, an international cultural event aimed at increasing the patronage and visibility of city museums.

Special Features

Railway Museum of Armenia has ten exhibition halls which each present a different period of Armenian railway history. The museum features both an indoor and outdoor section and includes a collection of models of old and modern trains, copies of documents related to railroad construction in Armenia, historic photos of trains and more. On the tracks adjoining the museum, visitors can explore a steam locomotive and a carriage which have been on display since the early Soviet era. Please note that all informational plaques in the museum are currently in the Armenian and Russian languages only.

The museum’s location in the right wing of Yerevan Railway Station is an attraction in itself, for the station has long been a symbol of Yerevan and remains active to this day. The station, built in 1956, is a good representation of Soviet architecture and now includes a statue of Armenian epic hero Sasuntsi Davit in front of the main entrance.

Whether you are a train enthusiast or simply wish to feel the lingering atmosphere of the Soviet era, consider a visit to Railway Museum of Armenia during your tour of Yerevan.