Ararat Tavern, Yerevan

Ararat TavernArarat TavernArarat TavernArarat TavernArarat TavernArarat Tavern
Address: 15 Sayat Nova Ave.
Phone: +374 41 000777
Cuisine: Caucasian, Middle Eastern
Working hours: 10:00-00:00
Popular dishes: khurdjin, pork ribs, veal salad

Ararat Tavern is a restaurant that deeply embodies the national essence of Armenia, from its unique traditional cuisine to the culturally rich decor of its halls. Every dish served here is a culinary masterpiece, each as appetizing and delectable as the next, consistently impressing guests. The restaurant's spacious halls are perfectly suited for large groups, fostering an atmosphere conducive to warm, friendly, and family gatherings.

The menu at Ararat Tavern is both extensive and diverse, featuring robust lamb dishes, assortments of meat loin, cheeses, pickles, fresh vegetable and herb salads, cold appetizers, and rich, aromatic soups seasoned with fragrant spices and finely chopped cilantro. This variety ensures a unique dining experience, with plenty of opportunities to try something new.

One standout dish is the traditional Armenian Khurdzhin, reminiscent of Georgian khinkali but made with veal and pita. Meat lovers will be drawn to the grilled lamb shank and succulent pork sides, each accompanied by a special garnish. For dessert, the restaurant offers national sweets like baklava and gata.

The experience at Ararat Tavern is enhanced by heartwarming national melodies and motifs, creating a sensory journey through Armenian culture. Here, every taste, scent, color, and sound gently immerses guests in the charm and allure of Armenian traditions.

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