Top Yerevan Restaurants and Cafes

Yerevan Restaurants

The vibrant city of Yerevan warmly welcomes its visitors with an array of restaurants and cafes, embodying the unshakable Armenian tradition of generous and hearty hospitality. In Armenia's capital, you're never far from a cozy eatery serving up delectable kebabs and juicy dolma. Beyond these local delights, Yerevan's restaurants offer an opportunity to experience traditional Armenian cuisine within their uniquely exquisite interiors. Each upscale establishment pays meticulous attention to detail, from the recipes and presentation to the luxury of dining on terraces with views of Mount Ararat. The finest restaurants in Yerevan not only showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Armenia but also immerse you in the heartwarming atmosphere of an Armenian feast. To ensure a memorable culinary journey, we've curated a selection of must-visit spots in Yerevan where you can savor the essence of Armenian cuisine and enjoy a delightful experience.

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Chaman Restaurant Address: 13, Leo Str.
Phone: +374 99 539268
Cuisine: Armenian, Russian
Working hours: 11:00-23:00
Popular dishes: kebab, dolma, roast with potatoes and mushrooms
Description: Chaman Restaurant offers a warm and intimate dining experience with its charming, small-scale halls and a wide selection of tantalizing Armenian dishes.
Ararat Tavern Address: 15 Sayat Nova Ave.
Phone: +374 41 000777
Cuisine: Caucasian, Middle Eastern
Working hours: 10:00-00:00
Popular dishes: khurdjin, pork ribs, veal salad
Description: Ararat Tavern is a restaurant that deeply embodies the national essence of Armenia, from its unique traditional cuisine to the culturally rich decor of its halls.
Kamancha Restaurant Address: 23, Tumanyan Str.
Phone: +374 95 711700
Cuisine: Caucasian, Middle Eastern
Working hours: 10:00-00:00
Popular dishes: shashlyk, tzhvzhik, chicken roast with potatoes
Description: Kamancha Restaurant is a delightful spot known for its extensive selection of Caucasian cuisine, making it an excellent choice for those looking to explore Armenian culinary delights. A favorite among both Yerevan locals and visitors from across the country, Kamancha offers a range of hearty meat dishes.
Tavern Yerevan Address: 91, Teryan Str.; 5 Amiryan Str.; 7, Paronyan Str.; 29/2, Khorenatsi Str.
Phone: (+374) 10 508800, (+374) 10 545545, (+374) 10 5305
Cuisine: Caucasian
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: eggplant rolls, shashlyk, khachapuri in Adjarski style
Description: Tavern Yerevan is a popular chain of restaurants specializing in traditional Armenian cuisine, known for its delicious offerings in a comfortable and relaxed setting.
Ktoor Restaurant Address: 24, Martiros Saryan Str.
Phone: +374 11 242400
Cuisine: Caucasian
Working hours: 10:00-00:00
Popular dishes: veal shank with beans, pork chop, khash
Description: Ktoor Restaurant is a celebrated dining destination in Yerevan, renowned for its exceptional cuisine, fine wines, inventive cocktails, and aromatic teas brewed with mountain herbs.
Vostan Restaurant Address: 8, Abovyan Str.
Phone: +374 44 000096
Cuisine: Armenian
Working hours: 10:00-23:45
Popular dishes: pork ribs, lamb kebab, tabbouleh salad
Description: Vostan Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Yerevan close to Republic Square, offers a vibrant dining experience. Guests can enjoy their meals in a charming green courtyard, surrounded by a quaint gallery of carved balconies.
Lavash Restaurant Address: 21, Tumanyan Str.
Phone: +374 10 608800
Cuisine: Armenian
Working hours: 08:30-00:00
Popular dishes: dolma, zhengyalov khatz, khurdzhin
Description: Lavash restaurant is a fashionable modern restaurant where every recipe is expertly approached, and every dish is decorated and served with special attention.
Sherep Restaurant Address: 1, Amiryan Str.
Phone: +374 10 600880
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: hummus, beef ribs in wine sauce, risotto with seafood
Description: Sherep Restaurant stands out as a superb dining choice, known for its delectable cuisine, eye-catching food presentations, and attentive service.
Mayrig Restaurant Address: 4/6 Amiryan Str.
Phone: +374 41 760760
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Armenian
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: tava kofta, lamb hashlama, shakshuka
Description: Mayrig Restaurant is the kind of place you'll find yourself longing to return to. Specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, it offers an extensive selection of both meat and vegetarian options.
Hayrik Restaurant Address: 40, Paronyan Str.
Phone: +374 33 007707
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Armenian
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: potatoes in milk sauce with red caviar, beef steak with vegetables, whitefish salad with avocado, feijoa and sea buckthorn sauce
Description: Hayrik Restaurant epitomizes luxury dining, offering not only exquisite meals but also a sophisticated setting for business meetings and negotiations. The restaurant is a beacon of elegance and impeccable taste, evident in everything from its refined recipes to the minutest details of its decor.
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