Hayrik Restaurant, Yerevan

Hayrik RestaurantHayrik RestaurantHayrik RestaurantHayrik RestaurantHayrik RestaurantHayrik Restaurant
Address: 40, Paronyan Str.
Phone: +374 33 007707
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Armenian
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: potatoes in milk sauce with red caviar, beef steak with vegetables, whitefish salad with avocado, feijoa and sea buckthorn sauce

Hayrik Restaurant epitomizes luxury dining, offering not only exquisite meals but also a sophisticated setting for business meetings and negotiations. The restaurant is a beacon of elegance and impeccable taste, evident in everything from its refined recipes to the minutest details of its decor. Hayrik has garnered attention from world stars and its chef frequently showcases culinary talents through show programs, both in Armenia and internationally.

The menu at Hayrik features an array of exquisite dishes that promise to delight the palate. The chefs craft unique author's recipes, presenting a modern interpretation of ancient Armenian culinary traditions. Guests can also indulge in original creations featuring caviar, duck, tender veal, and a variety of seafood. For dessert, the restaurant serves tantalizing options made with fresh berries, fruits, ice cream, and hot chocolate. Hayrik's extensive selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages further cements its reputation as a high-status establishment with a professional approach to customer service.

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