Mayrig Restaurant, Yerevan

Mayrig RestaurantMayrig RestaurantMayrig RestaurantMayrig RestaurantMayrig RestaurantMayrig Restaurant
Address: 4/6 Amiryan Str.
Phone: +374 41 760760
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Armenian
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: tava kofta, lamb hashlama, shakshuka

Mayrig Restaurant is the kind of place you'll find yourself longing to return to. Specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine, it offers an extensive selection of both meat and vegetarian options. A must-try is the lahmajun, a crispy flatbread with a thin dough base, generously topped with minced meat, tomato sauce, peppers, garlic, and a blend of aromatic herbs. Also, don't miss the tender hummus, succulent veal and lamb kebabs, and the mante, delicious boats brimming with meat and spinach. For dessert, the baklava with pistachios or rum baba with raspberry sorbet are excellent choices. Mayrig stands out for its rare dishes not commonly found in other Yerevan restaurants, along with an impressive wine and cocktail list, and a variety of craft infusions.

The restaurant's ambiance is enhanced by musicians playing gentle, soothing melodies on the saxophone and synthesizer. With high ceilings and stylish interiors, Mayrig invites guests to relax and enjoy their meals in a setting fit for royalty. The main hall features a bakery section with a tandoor, where aromatic bread and thin flatbreads are freshly baked.

Located just a short walk from Republic Square, Mayrig Restaurant is easily identifiable by its prominently displayed name. It's a culinary gem in the heart of the city, waiting to offer an unforgettable dining experience.

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