Sherep Restaurant, Yerevan

Sherep RestaurantSherep RestaurantSherep RestaurantSherep RestaurantSherep RestaurantSherep Restaurant
Address: 1, Amiryan Str.
Phone: +374 10 600880
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Working hours: 09:30-00:00
Popular dishes: hummus, beef ribs in wine sauce, risotto with seafood

Sherep Restaurant stands out as a superb dining choice, known for its delectable cuisine, eye-catching food presentations, and attentive service. The restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine and offers delightful European breakfast options, innovative desserts, and exceptional appetizers. A particular favorite among guests is their unique sweet delis - a signature dessert featuring a cake with raspberry cream topped with a luxuriously fluffy meringue and a crispy crust.

Live music frequently enhances the ambiance at Sherep Restaurant. An added attraction is the open kitchen, allowing diners to observe the culinary expertise firsthand. The cooking process is visible in detail, often turning into a captivating show with skillful flipping of ingredients in sizzling pans or dramatic flares of flame gracing succulent meat dishes.

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