Tsitsernakaberd, Yerevan

Tsitsernakaberd, YerevanThis is the monument to the victims of the genocide of 1915. It was erected in 1967 on the hill top on Tsitsernakaberd plateau to the east of the city center. The monumental composition immortalizing the memory of innocent victims of the most severe genocide of Armenians is a mausoleum made of 12 pylons standing in circle. The eternal flame burns inside and mourning melodies sound.

The mausoleum is decorated by a high (40 m) peaked obelisk split into two unequal parts (symbolizing the separation of Eastern and Western Armenia) - the symbol of Armenian people revival which is visible of any point in the city. You can get to the mausoleum via long mourning avenue lined with fur-trees which were planted at various times by prominent political and cultural figures who paid official visits to the country and the memorial wall.

Every year on April 24 th thousands Armenians from Armenia, diasporas, as well as foreign visitors gather in the park to give a tribute of respect to the victims who died during the genocide period.