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Bodbe Tours, Georgia

Group Tours and Private Bodbe Trips

Bodbe tours is a journey to the history of the early Christianity. Travelling to the national sanctuary of Georgia will reveal you the life of Saint Nino – the Christener of Georgia, whose powers are still attracting hundreds of pilgrims from around the country. Wall paintings of the cathedral in Bodbe are of special interest: they date back to the 12-17th centuries and the earliest ornaments had appeared already in the 9th century. Book Bodbe tours and explore this holy place with a history of one thousand years. In addition, beautiful town of Sighnaghi is only 2km away.

An Unforgettable Day in Kakheti

An Unforgettable Day in Kakheti

Visit the most popular tourist destinations of Georgia, Telavi, Tsinandali Sighnaghi and Bodbe, in one day Kakheti tour.

Telavi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi, Bodbe

Details1 Day | All year round
from US$ 80 per person

Kakheti Winter Tour

Kakheti Winter Tour

Discover the Kakheti region, cradle of Georgian winery, with the one-day Kakheti winter tour. You will visit a beautiful Bodbe Convent, discover “the city of love” – Sighnaghi and taste Khareba’s finest wines.

Sighnaghi, Bodbe, Kvareli, Winery Khareba

Details1 Day | Winter
from US$ 85 per person

Two-day Magnificent Kakheti Tour

Magnificent Kakheti Tour

You will not only visit famous wineries, but also see colorful villages, ancient churches and medieval monuments of Gremi, Bodbe, Tsinandali, and enjoy beautiful mountainous landscapes all your way on this Magnificent Kakheti Tour.

Tbilisi, Telavi, Tsinandali, Alaverdi, Gremi, Kvareli, Sighnaghi, Bodbe

Details2 Days | All year round
from US$ 230 per person

4-day Georgia Winter Tour

4-day Georgia Winter Tour

The 4-day Georgia Winter Tour is a mixture of historical sites, snow-capped mountains, beautiful nature, and the atmosphere of winter holidays. The tour will enable you to discover the most popular destinations in Georgia: Tbilisi, Kazbegi, Gudauri and Sighnaghi.

Tbilisi, Jvari, Ananuri, Gudauri, Sighnaghi, Bodbe

Details4 Days | Winter
from US$ 360 per person

5-day Legends of Georgia Tour

The Legends of Georgia Tour

5-day tour to the most outstanding sights of Georgia. Excursion in Tbilisi and trips to popular architectural monuments of the country. Tour program, photos, tour request.

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gudauri, Gori, Uplistsikhe, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia

Details5 Days | All year round
from US$ 495 per person

7-day Georgia Private Classic Tour

Georgia Private Classic Tour

Georgia is a uniquely beautiful country of the Caucasus. Here you can see grand and ancient churches with the mountains, monasteries, and fortresses. In this 7-day Georgia Private Classic Tour, you will feel the soul of this amazing country.

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gori, Uplistsikhe, Telavi, Tsinandali, Alaverdi, Gremi, Kvareli, Sighnaghi, Bodbe

Details7 Days | All year round
from US$ 710 per person

Georgia Small Group Tour 2024-2025

Georgia Small Group Tour 2024-2025

Discover the best of Georgia with this 7-day scheduled tour. Feel the spirit of unique ancient traditions, culture and history by visiting the most prominent destinations in the country. Guaranteed departure.

Tbilisi, Tsinandali, Sighnaghi, Bodbe, Jvari, Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Ananuri, Uplistsikhe, Gori

Details7 Days | April-October
US$ 775 per person