Georgia - Fauna

Fauna of Georgia

The fauna of Georgia is represented by more than 100 species of mammals, 330 kinds of birds and 160 varieties of fishes. For the purpose of protection of natural complexes and biodiversity the Tbilisi National Park , 17 natural reserves and 6 wildlife preserves were created.

 The fauna of woods is the richest. In many areas you can meet the Caucasian deer, the roebuck, the wild boar, the hare, the squirrel, the brown bear, the wolf, the jackal, the badger, the lynx, and the fox. Woods of Georgia are famous for the abundance and variety of birds. The bearded vulture, the golden eagle, the griffon, the black vulture and others are among the birds of prey registered in the Red Book of Georgia. In some districts of Colchis and Kakhetia there is still a chance to see the pheasant. Lizards, marsh turtles and snakes (the grass snake, the smooth snake, the Caucasian viper) are the reptiles frequently met in Georgian woods.

The high-mountain fauna is better preserved in the Major Caucasus. The Kuban wild ox lives in its western part, the Dagestan one – in the eastern are. The chamois is very numerous, and in the east you can meet the bezoar goat. The most widespread high mountain birds are the Caucasian black grouse, and the bearded vulture.

The fauna of the eastern steppes of Georgia is very original. Goitered gazelles have survived only in separate districts of Shirak steppe; the striped hyena - in Gardabani steppe and the Alazania valley. Other predators are the fox, the jackal, and the cane cat. Rodents are found there too: the jerboa, the vole, and the hamster. Birds - the grey partridge, the quail, and the steppe eagle. Lizards, turtles and snakes are numerous too.

The mountain streams and lakes are rich in trout, barbel, carp, etc.