Geography of Georgia - Natural Resources

Geography of Georgia - Natural Resources

The territory of Georgia is rich in natural resources. On the southern slope of the Big Caucasus there are huge deposits of manganese, silver-lead and zinc ores, barite, coal, and marble. Oil was found within the confines of the Kahetia plain, and in the Colchis lowland – oil and peat deposits were discovered.

In some areas copper, zinc, arsenic, mercury, talc, marl, limestone, iron, gold, granite, marble and mined.

Natural minerals are valued in the same way as mineral waters in Georgia. Georgia is one of the world's richest countries in terms of curative mineral waters. The country has almost all types of mineral waters and over 2 thousand mineral and thermal springs which create conditions for treatment, prophylaxis and rehabilitation of patients having problems with cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and digestive systems, gynecology and locomotor apparatus.

The country features more than 100 climatic and balneological resorts; New Athos, Pitsunda, Sukhumi, Gagra, Batumi , Kobuleti, Tskhaltubo, Abastumani, Borzhomi, Tsagveri, Sairame, Utsera, Tsemi, and Libani.

The resorts of Georgia are supplemented by the deposits of therapeutic muds.