Pamir Adventures Group Tour 202410 Days | Osh, Kozhokelen, Dzhyptyk pass, Alai valley, Sary Mogol, Achik Tash, Yukhin peak

Group Tour US$ 1,500
  • CanyonCanyon
  • OshOsh
  • OshOsh
  • Kozho-Kelen villageKozho-Kelen village
  • Dzhyptyk passDzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk passDzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk passDzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk passDzhyptyk pass
  • Road to Dzhyptyk passRoad to Dzhyptyk pass
  • Alai ValleyAlai Valley
  • View from Dzhyptyk passView from Dzhyptyk pass
  • Petrovski peakPetrovski peak
  • Puteshestvennikov passPuteshestvennikov pass
  • Camp 1Camp 1
  • Camp 1Camp 1
  • Yukhin peakYukhin peak
  • Base campBase camp
  • Base campBase camp
  • Base campBase camp
  • Lenin PeakLenin Peak
  • Canyon
  • Osh
  • Osh
  • Kozho-Kelen village
  • Dzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk pass
  • Dzhyptyk pass
  • Road to Dzhyptyk pass
  • Alai Valley
  • View from Dzhyptyk pass
  • Petrovski peak
  • Puteshestvennikov pass
  • Camp 1
  • Camp 1
  • Yukhin peak
  • Base camp
  • Base camp
  • Base camp
  • Lenin Peak

This tour is an excellent option for tourists who are physically fit and have some experience with moderate mountain trekking.
Embark on the Pamir Adventure, an extensive journey across southern Kyrgyzstan's Pamir-Alai mountain range. This adventure challenges you with steep passes, takes you across extraordinary glaciers, and culminates in the ascent of Yukhin Peak, standing proud at 5130 meters.
The experience is split into two distinct segments. The initial, less demanding portion of the trek unfolds on the Alay Ridge, setting the stage for acclimatization and muscle warming in preparation for the more strenuous climbs ahead. Here, you'll tackle your first significant climb over the Dzhiptyk Pass.
The adventure continues at the base of Lenin Peak, towering at 7134 meters, where you'll push your limits and soak in the breathtaking vistas. The journey includes several overnight stays in camps used by climbers progressively making their way to the summit of Lenin Peak. The pinnacle of this tour is the exhilarating ascent of Yukhin Peak.
Joining the Pamir Adventure group tour, you're in for an immense boost of mountain energy and a collection of vivid memories from the Pamir Mountains that will last a lifetime.

Difficulty: Medium

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Osh (950 m)
Upon your arrival at the airport, a guide and driver will greet you and escort you to your hotel. After enjoying lunch, you'll embark on an introductory tour of Osh, beginning with a visit to the bustling Osh bazaar. The adventure continues with a journey to Suleiman-Too Mountain, a site of historical significance that houses a museum and the quaint mosque of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire in India. From the summit of Suleiman-Too, you'll be treated to a sweeping panoramic view of Osh. Time permitting, the tour may also include stops at the Central Square and the city park before returning to the hotel. The evening includes dinner, a session to gather and prepare your trekking equipment. Overnight in the hotel.
Meals: Lunch/Dinner
Day 2: Osh – Kozho-Kelen (2230 m)
After breakfast, you'll be transferred from Osh to the village of Kozho-Kelen. The journey offers breathtaking views of scenic mountains, lush meadows, pastures, and the Papan Reservoir, a crucial water source for Osh residents. The initial 50 km towards the village of Papan features a well-maintained road, but it then transitions into a narrow, winding dirt path that snakes through a deep gorge, extending 40 km into the mountains. The drive from Osh to Kozho-Kelen village is expected to take 3-4 hours. Upon arrival, you'll settle into a guest house, with lunch provided in the form of lunch boxes. After a brief rest from the transfer, embark on a light acclimatization hike to explore the nearby Blue Grotto and waterfall. The path meanders through narrow mountain canyons, revealing rocks of unique shapes and colors. The day concludes with a return to the guest house for dinner and a well-deserved rest. Overnight in the guest house.
Hike: 8 km, 2-3 hours, without altitude gain.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 3: Kozho-Kelen – parking under Dzhiptyk pass (3050 m)
Today marks the beginning of our first significant hike. Following breakfast, we'll hit the trail leading to the upper sections of the gorge, following the path alongside a mountain river towards Jiptyk pass. The climb is gentle yet continuous. After traversing several kilometers through a narrow gorge with stark slopes, a turn in the river reveals the first "zhailoo" - enchanting meadows bursting with verdant grass against the backdrop of the snow-draped peaks of the Alai Mountains. The urge to linger here, basking in the crisp pine-scented air and the melody of the flowing river, will be strong. However, our journey must continue upwards to the edge where the lush meadows and forests give way to the rugged alpine landscape. Arrival to the camp. Dinner and night in a tent.
Hike: 11 km, 5-6 hours, altitude gain +850 meters.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 4: Jiptyk Pass (4170 m) – Alay Valley – Achik-Tash Base Camp (3600 m)
Today's objective is the ascent of Jiptyk Pass, which stands at an elevation of 4170 meters. As we set out on the trail after breakfast, the path will grow steeper with each kilometer. The lush meadows and trees will gradually give way to stark, stone-strewn slopes. After covering 8 kilometers along the narrow trail, you'll reach the summit of Jiptyk Pass, where breathtaking views of the Alai Valley and the towering Pamirs await. On a clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of Lenin Peak, soaring to 7134 meters, far to the south.
A well-deserved lunch will be enjoyed not far from the pass, followed by a brief rest before embarking on an 8-kilometer descent to the "Rock Gates" gorge, navigating an old, now-closed road. Upon passing through the "gate," a car will await to transport us across the Alai Valley to the Achik-Tash base camp, situated at the base of Lenin Peak (a 40 km, 1-hour drive). The day ends with rest and accommodation at the camp, dinner, and a night spent in a tent, under the stars.
Hike: 16 km, 7-8 hours, +1100 m ascent, -1000 m descent.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 5: Achik-Tash – Crest of Petrovskiy Peak (4200 m) – Achik-Tash
Today we are planning an acclimatization walk - climbing to the crest of the nearby Petrovsky Peak, at a height of 4200 m, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley below and Achik-Tash tract. Alternatively, you can spend the whole day at the base camp, rest, prepare for the ascent to Camp 1, which will be tomorrow. Rest, dinner, overnight in the base camp tents.
Hike: 8 km, 4 hours, +600 m ascent, -600 m descent.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 6: Achik-Tash – Travelers Pass (4128 m) – Camp 1 (4400 m)
Today, we venture further, ascending closer to the majestic Lenin Peak. Following breakfast, we initiate our climb to the pass, a journey expected to last between 1 to 1.5 hours. Atop the pass, we're greeted with spectacular views of both Lenin Peak and its sprawling glacier, with the occasional snow adding to the scenic beauty. The path then leads us down to the left moraine of Lenin Glacier, followed by another climb, this time for roughly 3 hours. This segment demands both caution and stamina. Our efforts are rewarded as we reach Camp 1, a pivotal waystation on our ascent towards Lenin Peak, with Camp 2 and Camp 3 situated at elevations of 5300 meters and 6100 meters respectively above us. The day concludes with rest and dinner at Camp 1, followed by an overnight stay in tents, nestled under the stars.
Hike: 10 km, 4-5 hours, +800 m ascent.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 7: Camp 1 – Yukhin Peak (5130 meters) - Camp 1
Today marks the culmination of your journey. After breakfast, we embark on the ascent to Yukhin Peak, standing at 5130 meters. This traditional path avoids the challenges of steep rock or ice climbing and is accessible without specialized gear or extensive experience. Expect the climb to take between 3 to 4 hours. Upon reaching the summit, you'll be rewarded with stunning views of Lenin Peak's northern face and the expansive Alai Valley below. After capturing these memorable vistas with photos and taking a moment to rest, we'll make a gentle descent back to Camp 1. The day concludes with some well-deserved rest at the camp, followed by dinner, and another night spent in the comfort of our tents.
Hike: 8 km, 5-7 hours, +730 m ascent, -730 m descent.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 8: Camp 1 – Achik-Tash Base Camp
Our journey back begins today. After breakfast, we'll make our way down to the familiar base camp, starting with a brief ascent followed by a 4-hour steady descent. Back at camp, you'll have the opportunity to shower, rest, and in the evening, celebrate the successful completion of our trek. The day ends with rest, dinner, and overnight in the base camp tents.
Hike: 8 km, 5-7 hours, +100m ascent, -800m descent.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 9: Achik-Tash – Osh
Today, we bid farewell to the mountains and head back to Osh. Our route takes us through the scenic Taldyk Pass (3615 meters), offering one last glance at the pristine Lenin Peak. The drive from base camp to Osh covers approximately 260 km and will take about 4-5 hours. Lunch will be provided in lunch boxes. Upon arrival in Osh, we'll check into hotel, and you'll have the remainder of the day to relax or explore the city. The day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 10: Osh – flight back home
You'll be transferred to the airport for your journey home, marking the end of the tour.
Meals: Breakfast



Type of accommodation



Sunrise or similar


Kozho-Kelen village

guest house


Tent trekking camps

tent camp


Base camp Achik-Tash

tent camp


Camp 1 (4400 m)

tent camp


Single supplement in hotels: 80 USD
Single supplement in camp tents: 120 USD

  • Accommodation in hotel, guest house and tents on double occupancy basis - 9 nights;
  • Meals - full board (breakfasts 9, lunches 9, dinners 9);
  • All transfers specified in the program;
  • Guide services;
  • Services of horses during the trek;
  • Entrance fees;
  • Ecological fee;
  • Border pass.
  • Single accommodation in hotels / tents;
  • Meals not included in the program;
  • Insurance;
  • Sleeping bag;
  • International airfare;
  • Photo/video fees at museums;
  • All personal expenses;
  • Visa and visa support.
  • Tips are not included and are at your discretion.

Important to Know:
- Bringing a personal flask is recommended for use with the boiled water provided during the trek.
- Accommodation in Kozho-Kelen will be in a local family's home, where facilities are basic.
- Your personal luggage will be transported by horses or porters, with a limit of 12 kilograms per person. An extra charge of 12 USD will apply for each kilogram over this limit for the duration of the trek.

Preparation is key for the trek. You'll need an assortment of shoes, clothing, and household items suited for mountain conditions. High altitudes mean cold weather, with the possibility of rain, snow, and wind. A comprehensive list of necessary and recommended items will ensure your trip is both safe and comfortable. Below, you'll find detailed lists of essential and suggested gear.


  • Waterproof trekking boots with ankle support  
  • Waterproof jacket or rain cape 
  • Sunhat or Cap with Ear and Neck Flap Cover
  • Daypack 30 to 40 liters with rain cover
  • Warm hat
  • Sleeping bag (comfort rated -5°C, please ask about temperature)
  • Trekking poles (highly recommended during stream crossings, steep incline or decline)
  • Basic First Aid Kit including: antiseptic and antihistamine cream, throat lozenges, diarrhea treatment (Imodium), painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, insect repellent, and re-hydration salts
  • Sun protection (including total bloc for ears, nose etc.)
  • Fleece jacket or warm jumper
  • Good quality sunglasses
  • Warm gloves
  • Trekking trousers
  • Water bottles 1 litre (x2) (we encourage re-filling water bottles rather than single use plastic)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Selection of dry bags (to keep trek bag contents, laptops, phones dry during trek
  • Lipsticks
  • Headtorch and spare batteries
  • Thermal underwear
  • Recommended to take a demi-season down jacket


  • 1 pair of tennis shoes or shoes for city walking
  • Trainers / sandals for river crossings
  • Socks (1 pair for 2 -3 days of trekking)
  • 1 waterproof overtrousers 
  • 1 scarf to cover your hair (during the visits of mosques and churches) 
  • Shorts and/or swimwear (camps near lakes, hot springs or rivers) 
  • Buff/scarf (to protect against dust and cold)
  • Washbag and toiletries
  • Antibacterial handwash
  • Small towel (fast dry material)
  • Thermarest or similar sleeping mat (please note that sleeping mats 5sm with thin sleeping pad are provided during 3 classical trekking of Ak-Sai Travel)
  • Pen-knife (remember to pack sharp objects in hold baggage)
  • Repair kit – (eg. needle, thread, duct tape)
  • Ear plugs against river noises, neighbor snoring


Dates & Prices, per person

Jul 5, Fri
Jul 14, Sun
Jul 3
US$ 1,500
Aug 2, Fri
Aug 11, Sun
Jul 31
US$ 1,500
Aug 16, Fri
Aug 25, Sun
Aug 14
US$ 1,500

Please note that itinerary and prices are subject to change due to airline and train schedule changes, currency fluctuations and other unforeseeable events.

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