Belokuriha resort in Altai


Belokuriha Resort, Altai

In picturesque Altai foothills, in the valley of mountain river Belokuriha there are situated sanatory and therapeutic buildings of the oldest Siberian health resort, Belokuriha.
There is no need to go to Swiss Davos, when you can spend your vacation in Belokuriha, as local people say. And they are absolutely right. Balneological resort Belokuriha in Altai is an embodiment of a magic vacation along with sanatory healing - thanks to local unique thermal springs, gush out from under earth. Healing thermal springs, Горячие целебные источники, inimitable in their beauty suburbs, pure taiga air, have won a wide popularity for this resort noe only within Altai, but far beyond its bounds. The history of resort numbers some more than 120 years. More than 100 thousand people come every year to Belokuriha, to spend hear vacation and to get treated.