Mount Kokuya

Mount Kokuya is said to be named after the “kokoshnik” (a traditional Russian headdress worn by women). Visitors can easily imagine how this headdress crowns Teletskoye Lake in the west. The mountain is more than 1,300m high and decorated with rivers and streams that dry up in summer.

Attractions of Mount Kokuya

Mount Kokuya is an ideal location for winter sports. While snow cover lasts for 180 days a year, winters are warmer than in other parts of Siberia, with an average temperature of -11⁰C.

The Artybash ski resort, located 4 km from the lake, is of interest to visitors of all ages. The total length of the ski trails is 11 km, including one track that is 6 km long. The slope of the trails varies from 5 to 20 degrees, offering choices for skiers of different abilities. One of the tracks is equipped with lighting, which makes it possible to ski in the evening.

Dog sledding is available periodically on Mount Kokuya. Other winter activities include snow tubing – suitable for both adults and children – and ice skating (equipment can be rented).

Visitors to the mountain can also enjoy the winter landscapes and stunning views.

There are also plans to create a hiking trail to the caves on the mountain’s other slope.

Cable Car on Mount Kokuya

Visiting Mount Kokuya would not be so popular without the cable car, which makes it quick and easy to reach the top. However, there is also a chair lift.

The cable car runs 13m above the ground and the route is 1.3 km long (although there are plans to extend it).
It works all year round, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery in different seasons – whether it is snow-covered or emerald green – without having to exert much physical effort.

The journey to the top of the mountain takes just 10 minutes. From there, you can either ski down, or explore the area at the top and return by cable car.

While it normally works only on weekends, exceptions are made for large groups.