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Group Tours and Private Altai Trips

Altai Tours will transport you to an amazing land with unique tundra and wildlife, historical heritage sites, stunningly beautiful lakes, majestic mountains and exciting legends. Test your strength as you raft down one of the fastest rivers in Siberia while surrounded by pristine nature. Come in late spring to admire the delicate flowers of the Siberian cherry, or marilnik, or visit Altai in the final days of winter to participate in Maslenitsa, a Slavic holiday centered around delicious crepes and unforgettable folk festivals.

Other highlights of Altai Tours include the UNESCO site of Teletskoye Lake, Patmos Island on the legendary Katun River, the mystical Belukha Mountain, Anokhin Museum with its unique archaeological and ethnographic collections and the museum of the great Russian writer Vasily Shukshin . Whether you choose a long expedition or a short express tour, this amazing and memorable land is bound to leave its mark on your heart.