Bauman Street, Kazan

Bauman Street, Kazan

Bauman Street in Kazan, Russia is the main tourist artery of the city which leads to the Kazan Kremlin. The perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of this bustling capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, Bauman Street is renowned for its historical sights, monuments, theater, fountain, souvenir shops, cafes and street musicians.

Bauman Street has existed since the formation of the Khanate of Kazan, although in its early days it was known as Nogai Road. The history of this central thoroughfare dates back to 1552, when Ivan the Terrible captured the city after a protracted war with the Kazan Khanate. During the assault, the walls of Kazan Fortress (now the Kazan Kremlin) were breached from the side of Bauman Street, which in turn inspired the street’s early names: Prolomnaya (Breach Street) and later Bolshaya Prolomnaya (Greater Breach Street).

In the 16th century, the street was named Novaya Sloboda (New Settlement) and after the construction of Epiphany Cathedral along the road in the 17th century, it became known as Bogoyavlenskaya (a reference to God). In the 19th century, it was chosen by merchants as the ideal place to build trading houses, around which the city's infrastructure was gradually formed. In 1930, the street was named after the famous Bolshevik Nikolai Ernestovich Bauman, who was born in Kazan and died in the city in October 1905.

After the collapse of the USSR, residents of the city considered numerous proposals to change the name of Bauman Street in favor of the great opera singer Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin, who was born in Kazan and brought worldwide fame to his homeland through his music. In the end, however, its former name was retained.

In the 20th century, Bauman Street was a busy thoroughfare that was crisscrossed by trolleybuses, trams and other transport. Today, following the example of Moscow’s Arbat Street, only pedestrian traffic is permitted on “Kazan Arbat”. You can reach this key city attraction either by bus or by taking the metro and exiting at the "Kremlevskaya" or "Tukaya Square" stations.

What to See:
On Bauman Street, the Kazan Kremlin, Epiphany Cathedral, St. John the Baptist Monastery, historical Kazan Hotel, Kachalov Drama Theater and the Press House are all worth a visit. Be sure to take a photo with the Monument Cat Kazan and the carriage of Catherine the Great, and don’t forget to throw a coin into the famous Frog Fountain! On warm summer evenings, hang around to enjoy the creativity of street musicians.

Did you know?
If you are afraid of getting lost in Kazan, why not decide beforehand to meet up with friends at the "Clock on Bauman", a now-famous landmark which anyone who lives in Kazan can easily point out. Built in 1999, the clock is a bronze sculpture topped with fairytale characters. Romantic dates and business meetings are often arranged at Bauman Clock, which can also serve as a great gathering place for tourist groups.

WHERE: Bauman Street in Kazan, Russia runs between Tukay Square and the Kazan Kremlin in the heart of the city.

WHEN: Open to pedestrians 24/7.