Museum of Jewelry Art, Kostroma

The Museum of Jewelry Art in Kostroma is a new attraction in the city center, located on the first floor of a merchant's mansion near the Red and Flour Trade Rows.

The museum was launched in 2013 by entrepreneur Andrey Smirnov. Since most of the gold and silver jewelry produced in Russia is made in the city of Kostroma and Kostroma Region, Smirnov brought together Kostroma art critics, historians, artists, and designers as advisors for the project.

The museum houses about 500 pieces of jewelry art, including unique gold, silver and copper-nickel pieces, all of which display the extraordinary skill and talent of Kostroma’s jewelers. In Clerk’s Shop Hall, one can see rare photographs and artifacts; in Workshop of Handicraftsmen Hall, tools for making jewelry are presented; and in Jewelry Art of the 20th Century, the displays showcase the craftsmanship of graduates of Krasnoselsky School, which has long been held in high esteem in Russia and abroad. Yet another exposition is dedicated to the products created in Kostroma’s jewelry factories.

Those who are captivated by the designs they see at the Museum of Jewelry Art in Kostroma can purchase the products of famous Kostroma masters at a number of jewelry stores in the city.