The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Regional Studies


The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Regional Studies, Krasnoyarsk

The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Regional Studies is one of the oldest in Siberia. It was opened in 1889. The building of the museum itself represents a unique monument of architecture. Its look oddly incorporates the features of the modern style combined with the elements of ancient Egyptian architecture. The museum’s collection includes more than 300 thousand units of storage. The exposition of the museum begins with the history of ancient tribes, which inhabited the Yenisei region.

Ethnographic collection, ‘Peoples of Siberia’ presents national clothing, tools and cult-objects of the Nenets, the Evenki, The Iganasans, the Kets, the Dolgans and a number of other indigenous peoples inhabiting the territory of Krasnoyarsk region. There is unique paleontological collection in the Krasnoyarsk Museum. Here one can see the fragments of skeleton of rare animals, such as cave lion, primitive aurochs, large-horned deer and etc. In the center of the exposition the largest representatives of the glacial fauna are placed.

This is the skeleton of a mammoth and a plaster cast, reconstructing the woolly rhinoceros’ appearance. In the halls devoted to the history of the Yenisei province a broad panorama of Russian development of Siberia is presented. Here one can see exhibits related to the great geographical discoveries made by Russian pathfinders.