St. Nicholas Memorial Steamship

St. Nicholas Memorial Steamship, Krasnoyarsk

A remarkable monument of the town stands on the embankment of the Yenisei. Once it ploughed its rough waters. And now it is laid up, as a part of the city’s history. It is talked of the famous "St. Nicholas" steamship. It is more than 100 years. The steamer was built in 1886 in Tyumen. It belonged to an industrialist, Sibiryakov and for the time was the most high-speed vessel on the Yenisei. Steamboat was renamed and remade several times until in 1960 it was discarded. The most interesting thing about the bout is that in June 1891 crown prince Nicholas went from Beryozovka to Krasnoyarsk when he was returning from the East, and six years later, in 1897, V.I. Ulyanov was delivered to Minusinsk, the place of his exile on the same vessel. Now there are wax figures of his old well-known guests in the cabins of the ship.