Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki


The Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki is the creation of the architects of the 20th century. The 9-domed two-storey temple stands 34 meters tall has the form of a cross. The unusual fact is that the altar part of the church faces south, toward Palestine - the homeland of Jesus Christ.

The laying of the temple took place on June 29, 1909, its consecration - on December 22, 1913. In the 1920s the Church of the Resurrection in Sokolniki was the place where the revered shrines of destroyed and closed churches were taken. Amazingly enough, the church managed to survive and preserve the church life even in the years of the Soviet power. After the Temple of Christ the Savior had been destroyed the main chair of Renovationalists moved to the Temple of the Resurrection in Sokolniki. In 1944 with the restoration of the patriarchdom, the temple was returned to the Patriarchate.