LesDrevMash 2024

Date: 09-SEP-24 to 12-SEP-24
City: Moscow
International Exhibition Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries

Venue: Expocentre
Site of the organizer: www.lesdrevmash-expo.ru

About the exhibition:

The International Exhibition Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries - LesDrevMash 2024 will be held from 9 to 12 September 2024 in Moscow. 

The Lesdrevmash exhibition is an effective promotion tool for innovative technologies, science intensive projects and the latest equipment. The event offers a comprehensive exposition of the latest domestic and overseas achievements covering the whole manufacturing cycle from logging to wood raw materials processing.

The Lesdrevmash International Exhibition is:

  • Leaders of the world’s market of logging and woodworking equipment under one roof;
  • The best quality and quantity of visitors in Russia according to the independent audit;
  • 81% of participants are regulars;
  • Effective face-to-face interaction and sales solutions;
  • Lesdrevmash is the best Russian exhibition in the Timber and Lumber Industry Category in all nominations, International Recognition, Professional Interest, Market Coverage, and Exhibition Space.

Exhibition Sections

Timber and logging industry

  • Logging machinery, equipment, tools and accessories
  • Vehicles for timber transport and handling, storage, logistics 
  • Services for forest management and timber industry 
  • Industrial information systems

Primary processing of wood and wood based materials (production of semi-finished products)

  • Round wood yard
  • Sawmill, equipment and machinery
  • Wood conditioning and wood moisture measuring equipment 
  • Equipment for manufacture of various types of forest products

Secondary processing of wood and wood based materials (laminating, machining, gluing of solid timber)

  • Equipment, machinery, machining centres and tools for processing and conversion of wood and wood based materials
  • Aspiration systems

Surface finishing

  • Liquid finishing equipment (lacquering, etc.) 
  • Equipment for surface finishing with solid materials 
  • Equipment for pre-conditioning of wooden and wood panel surfaces
  • Finishing materials: lacquer, stain, glues, resins, polishes, treatment substances

Furniture production

  • Machinery, equipment and facilities for industrial furniture production 
  • Tools for furniture production
  • Materials and fittings for furniture production
  • Automation systems

Pulp and paper production 

Basic and auxiliary equipment for manufacture of

  • Pulp, paper, paperboard
  • Converted paper and board products 
  • Fiberboards

Special product groups

Machine tools, equipment and gear for production of specialty wood products

  • Wood (frame) house construction
  • Joinery and timber construction elements
  • Floorings, parquet


  • Woodworking tools and auxiliaries
  • Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools

Forest products

  • Sawn wood
  • Wood veneer, plywood, panels, boards: blockboards, chipboards, hardboards, laminated chipboards, medium density fiberboards, oriented strand boards 
  • New materials, briquettes and pellets, semi-finished products 
  • Laminate floorings, decorative paper, plastic, films

Bioenergy, energy saving, ecology

  • Generation of energy and heating using wood fuels
  • Equipment for manufacture of briquettes and pellets 
  • Equipment for preparation, transportation and storage of residual wood
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention
  • Use of residual wood

Computer-aided management

  • Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment; measuring, testing, control and adjustment devices
  • Independently designed software (applications, packages) for CAD, control systems, diagnostics, etc.
  • Robotics
  • Independent engineering and other services for the woodworking and furniture industries

Research and vocational education

  • Research institutes
  • Supervision agencies
  • Schools for the woodworking and furniture industries
  • Publishing houses specializing in woodworking and furniture production