Bioindustry 2019

Date: 16-OCT-19 to 18-OCT-19
City: Saint-Petersburg
Specialized exhibition-contest Bioindustry 2019

Venue: Expoforum
Official site:

About Bioindustry 2019 trade show:

The specialized exhibition-contest Bioindustry will take place on the 16–18 of October 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Bioindustry is the annual industry event aimed at the effective interaction of suppliers of scientific developments in the field of biotechnology with the potential investors and manufacturers in order to create innovative products in various industries.

General idea of Bioindustry, exhibition and conference, is Development of biosphere as a comfortable human environment!

The goal of the project Bioindustry is assistance in:

  • Creation and double-quick commercialization of innovative approaches to biosphere’s development and optimal utilization of renewable bioresources;
  • Formation of bioeconomy as supporting system of sustainable balance of biological, economical and social factors of biosphere evolution;
  • Generation of bioindustry as a sphere of business-activity in bioeconomy.

The subject of the project is of the most immediate interest. Currently biotechnology is one of the main academic and practical trends of the 21st century that rates level of the world civilization. Consistently grows the role of biotechnology in solution of the global problems of the Human such as food provision, medicine enhancement , prevention of environmental degradation and global climate change, mitigation of non-renewable resources crisis etc. Biotechnological output is intended almost for all branches of economy, first of all, for agriculture and fishery, food, forestry and cellulose and paper industries, medicine, pharmaceutics etc. In the meantime there forms (in some countries has already formed) independent branch – bioindustry – in the world.    

Conference will consist of specialized subpanels for discussion of most important problems in development in commercialization of biotechnologies in different economical branches.

Exhibition sections:

  • Biotechnologies in health industry:
    • Biomedical Engineering;
    • Biomedicine;
    • Innovative medical equipment and new generation materials;
    • Biopharmaceuticals;
    • Innovative Treatments.
  • Agricultural and Food Biotechnology;
  • Biotechnologies in the field of environmental safety;
  • Laboratory and analytical equipment.