St. Petersburg international health forum 2019

Date: 22-OCT-19 to 24-OCT-19
City: Saint-Petersburg
St. Petersburg international health forum 2019

Venue: Expoforum
Site of the organizer:

About the exhibition:

The St. Petersburg International Health Forum will take place on the 22–24 of October 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This forum is a unified platform for medical professional society, consolidating under one brand 4 specialized exhibitions that promote effective interaction of suppliers of scientific researches, medical equipment and medical services to the potential investors, purchasers and health care workers.

St. Petersburg international health forum:

  • 15 events of business program for specialists in various fields of medicine and public health.
  • 150 participants from 12 countries, 3700 trade visitors.
  • The largest specialized project in the field of medicine and healthcare in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation, consolidating under one brand 4 specialized exhibitions of medical topics.
  • The unified professional platform made for interaction between producers of goods and services for the medical industry companies and professionals of medical industry.
  • The global platform for the exchange of experience and improve the competence of health care professionals and discuss the most pressing issues in various fields of medicine.

Exhibition sections:

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

  • Medical equipment for recovery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy
    • Electropathy
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Laser therapy
    • Magnetotherapy
    • Ultrahigh frequency treatment
    • Centimeter wave therapy
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Passive rehabilitation
    • Active rehabilitation
    • Massage equipment
    • Inhalation therapy
  • Rehabilitation aids

Ambulance, intensive therapy

  • Medical transport
    • Ambulance cars
    • Reanimation cars
    • Medical aviation
  • Medical equipment for emergency medicine
    • Diagnostic devices for ambulance
    • Oxygen inhalers
    • Patient monitor
    • The sets of an ambulance doctor
    • Anesthesia machines
    • Health and medical handbarrow
    • Antishock suits
    • Pulse oximeters for ambulance
    • Termoblankets for ambulances
    • Transport defibrillators
    • Transport respirators
    • Electrocardiographs for ambulance
    • Heaters infusion solutions