Kino Expo 2020

Date: 23-SEP-20 to 25-SEP-20
City: Saint-Petersburg
22nd International exhibition

Venue: Expoforum
Official site:

About Kino Expo 2020 trade show:

KINO EXPO INTERNATIONAL, established in 1999, is the world’s 3rd largest international cinema industry convention and exhibition with the focus on markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR) – Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Central Asian countries, alongside with Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

KINO EXPO INTERNATIONAL Convention is the one and only annual event for Russian/CIS film exhibition industry, and at the same time is the meeting point of Russian/CIS and international cinema business communities.

KINO EXPO Exhibition is the world’s third largest motion picture theatre equipment exhibition, which as well incorporates various entertainment systems/technologies and digital signage solutions for the cinemas and shopping malls.