Power efficiency. Energy-saving 2020

Date: 06-OCT-20 to 09-OCT-20
City: Saint-Petersburg
12th International Specialized Exhibition

Venue: CEC Expoforum
Site of the organizer:  www.energysaving-expo.ru

About the exhibition:

The 12th International Specialized Exhibition "Power efficiency. Energy-saving. Innovative technologies and equipment 2020" will be held from 6 to 9 October 2020 in Saint-Petersburg.

The unique specialized project contributing to a comprehensive solution to the energy sector problems in the industry and utilities, infrastructure development areas, energy and environmental security.

The leading industry event in the region, demonstrating the scientific - technical developments and achievements in the field of energy saving, innovative solutions for the energy sector, and modern and effective energy complex technology.

Exhibition sections:

Technologies and equipment for saving gas, water, heat, electricity, fuel, materials etc. in housing and utilities, industry, agriculture, transport, mechanical engineering.

  • Meters for water, gas, electricity
  • Automated systems for integrating energy (AMR)
  • Thermostats, heat exchangers
  • Renewable and low energy
  • Re-use of energy resources
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Non-traditional heat-generating power plants that use energy alternative energy sources (biomass, biogas, gas, peat, wood waste, coal, municipal solid waste)