Church of Elijah the Prophet

Church of Elijah the Prophet, Yaroslavl

The most beautiful church of the city, the Church of Elijah the Prophet is the pride and joy of Yaroslavl and the favorite tourist attraction. It was built in 1647 – 1650 and is one of the most complete and best-preserved monuments of Yaroslavl. Built on the site of two churches, the Intercession and Elijah, the church is considered a real masterpiece of ancient Russian art. The main structure of the temple is a massive building on high foundation topped with five heads resting on light drums. The drums are decorated with arches and columns and surrounded by the rows of kokoshniks. But the main thing is, of course, the interior painting, made by famous Kostroma masters. They have no equals in beauty, richness and brightness of colors.

From both sides the Church of Elijah the Prophet is surrounded by a wide two-tier covered gallery. The gallery from the north and the west is accessed by richly decorated porches. The northwest of the temple is decorated with a tall tent bell tower. Its ornate level is surrounded by arched windows. It is the chapel of the Deposition of the Robe that gives such an unusual openwork appearance to the Church of Elijah the Prophet. Its tall slender octagonal tent is surrounded by a number of kikoshniks, that make the whole structure look elegant and colorful.