Yaroslavl Embankment

Yaroslavl Embankment is considered the most beautiful of all the Volga embankments. This 2950-meter-long dike in the city of Yaroslavl is the most popular site in the city, for it offers striking views of the Volga River and provides the perfect setting for a stroll.

Yaroslavl Embankment (also known as Volga Embankment) has long been the most densely populated and strategic section of the city. It was here that the fishing industry boomed, business deals were struck and important meetings convened as life continued in full swing year after year. In the 17th century, the construction of houses and churches began along the embankment.

Significant changes occurred at the dike after the visit of Emporer Alexander I in 1823. He actively supported Yaroslavl’s governor in his efforts to strengthen the embankment by allocating 20 thousand rubles for its improvement. Construction took place under the strict supervision of a skilled engineer. The bank was reinforced with earth hauled over from the opposite side of the river and a large slab was used to strengthen the new dock. Bridges were built over the Volga River and the embankment lined with numerous trees. The upper embankment was equipped for pedestrians and dilapidated wooden fences replaced with cast-iron grilles.

In 1944, Yaroslavl Embankment was paved with asphalt and decorated with a variety of flowers and additional trees. To celebrate the millenial anniversary of the city, a third level was added to the promenade and the pedestrian pathway was covered with granite tiles.

Anyone visiting the city of Yaroslavl will not want to miss a walk along Volga Embankment, which continues to allure people with its charm just as it has done for centuries.