Main directions of the energy industry growth of Turkmenistan 2018

Date: from 06-SEP-18 to 08-SEP-18
City: Ashgabat
Main directions of the energy industry growth of Turkmenistan 2018 – 11th International exhibition and conference

Venue: Sergi Koshgi Exhibition Center

About the Exhibition and Conference:

The Sergi Koshgi Exhibition Center, Ashgabat, will be hosting the 11th International Exhibition and Conference “The Main Directions of the Energy Industry Growth of Turkmenistan” from 6 September to 8 September 2018.

The majority of the participants are companies engaged in production and supply of equipment, development of technologies for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Thematic sections:

• The power equipment for the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity, heat, compressed air and other energy
• Insulating materials and products
• Energy efficient boilers and heat exchangers
• Alternative and small-scale power generation
• Turbine generators, turbines, compressors, auxiliary equipment
• Boilers, burners, auxiliary equipment, heat exchangers
• Means of transmission and distribution of electricity and heat energy
• Power electronics, electronic and electrical components
• Lighting equipment
• Renewable energy sources
• Water treatment and water cleaning in energy engineering
• Automated control systems for energy equipment and processes
• Means of life safety in energy
• Tool for wiring
• Safe and reliable operation of the equipment
• Technical diagnostics
• Target energy efficiency programs. Energy audit. Commercial accounting of power energy
• Resource and energy saving technologies and equipment
• Research and development in the energy sector.

Conference subjects:

• International cooperation and investment in the energy sector of Turkmenistan
• Role of Turkmenistan in energy supply of Central Asia and Middle East
• Construction and modernization of Turkmenistan power generation and distribution capacity
• Energy conservation and efficiency in Turkmenistan power industry
• Introduction and development prospects of Turkmenistan alternative energy system.