White city – Ashgabat 2022

Date: from 24-MAY-22 to 25-MAY-22
City: Ashgabat
18th Turkmen universal international exhibition

Venue: Exhibition complex “Sergi Koshgi”

About the exhibition:

From 24 to 25 May 2022 Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, will host the 21st Turkmen universal international exhibition "White city - Ashgabat 2022".

The organization of annual exhibitions dedicated to achievements and development of particular city is a rare phenomenon in the international practice. However, impetuous, unprecedented changes in its scale and idea are unique “business card” of the contemporary Ashgabat. Its newest history deserves to be presented broadly.

The exposition of the exhibition includes the entire spectrum of vital activity of modern megapolis – from modernization of urban infrastructure to development of sphere of culture, tourism and sports.

Main sections of exhibition:

  • Motorways: construction, road building machinery and equipment
  • Health, sanitation, environment protection
  • Goods of plastic and rubber industry for all spheres of usage
  • Machines, equipment, mechanism and instruments for construction
  • Furniture, accessories, home decoration
  • Municipal technologies providing collection and utilization of solid waste and run-off waters
  • Equipment and technology for filling stations and road infrastructure
  • Planting and landscape design
  • Food and food processing industry: equipment and packaging
  • Production of oil-refining and petrochemistry
  • Sanitary ware, tiles, bathroom furniture
  • Systems of city gas, water and electric power and lighting supply
  • Systems and equipment for heating, air-conditioning and ventilations of buildings
  • Systems of signalization and security of residential, commercial and industrial objects
  • Communication, computers, software, etc
  • Table ware and utensils
  • Construction and building materials
  • Construction and architecture from projecting to building on “turn-key” basis
  • Textile: interior, design, accessories, carpets
  • Technologies and equipment of outdoor advertising and lighting decoration
  • Technologies, equipment and materials for processing and purifying the drinking water
  • Technologies of construction and equipping the infrastructure of airports, ports, railroads
  • Goods for entertainments, sports, tourism
  • Goods for national consumption
  • Transporting and logistics of cargos, systems of warehousing and storage
  • Transport means for individual and general usage (cars, buses, auto- and bicycle- technology)
  • Electric ware, goods for home, interior accessories