Turkmen Cuisine - Soups


Cut potatoes in large cubes, put them in broth and bring it to the boil; then add tomatoes, fried onions, carrots, flour, bay leaves, salt, pepper and cook until ready. Before serving, put a piece of boiled mutton and sour cream in a bowl.

Shurpa-mash (soup with mash)

Put some rice in a broth and bring it to the boil, then add mash, carrots and onions cut in cubes, stewed tomatoes and cook.

Dogroma chorba

Boil mutton, kidneys, the heart and lungs with addition of salt, pepper, tomatoes. Then the cooked contents are taken out and cut in small pieces. Churek is broken into pieces, an onion chopped. Meat, churek and an onion are mixed covered in broth and cooked until ready.

Nokudly chorba (pea soup with mutton)

Cut mutton with bones, put in water and cook with peas and pepper. Chop and stew onions then put in the soup 15-20 minutes prior to readiness.

Unash (bean soup bean with noodles)

Start boiling mutton and beans. In an hour add noodles, stewed onions, pepper and continue to cook until ready. Serve with sour milk.

Umpach-zashchi (soup with flour)

Bake wheat flour on a frying pan with grease until brown color; dilute with water, add finely cut stewed onion, salt, paprika and boil for a while. When served strew with parsley or coriander.

Gara chorba (soup with tomatoes)

Cut mutton in pieces and fry until browned, add chopped onions and fry together with the mutton, then put meat and onion into a deep bowl, fill it with water, add tomatoes and cook until ready. Before serving strew the soup with chopped onion.

Mastava (soup with rice and vegetables)

Cut beef into pieces, put in cold water and cook until ready. Then filter the broth and put potatoes cut in large cubes, tomatoes cut in quarters, stewed onions and carrots, rice, salt, pepper, bay leaves. When served put sour cream and a piece of meat, strew with parsley or fennel.

Kyufta - shurpa (soup with meat sausages)

Put peas in broth and cook until ready. Mince the meat twice and mix it with semi-cooked rice, add some salt, pepper and eggs; use the mixture to shape sausages, put potatoes into the broth, bring it to boil, add stewed onions and carrots, the sausages, tomatoes, pea broth and cook until ready.