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Dekhistan tours is a trip to the ruins of the ancient city that reached its peak of prosperity in the times of the Khorezmshahs. It was in Dekhistan where Shahnameh, the well-known poem of Ferdowsi, was written. This notable piece of Persian literature exceeds in size such works as "Iliada" and "Odyssey".

10-day Turkmenistan Tour: from Desert to Coast

Turkmenistan from Desert to Coast

Make an unforgettable 10-day tour to Turkmenistan. Modern and ancient cities, exotics of the Karakum Desert and phenomenal gas crater «The Gate to Hell» are ahead of you.

Ashgabat, Nohur, Serdar, Dehistan, Balkanabat, Turkmenbashi, Darvaza Gas Crater, Kunya-Urgench, Mary, Merv

10 Days | Spring, summer, autumn Details