Turkmenabad Landmarks - Amul Settlement

The ruins in the ancient settlement of Amul used to be the fortress of Amul's ruler. It is located near the entrance to Turkmenabad about 10 km from the city center. In the 10th century the ancient settlement was a pise-walled fortress surrounded by a wide moat filled with water. Each side had a gate which looked at the four winds. They were safeguarded by warriors (sarabazs) day and night.

Inside the fortress there were a square, barracks, and food warehouses, the houses of beck's relatives and associates, the palace with a fine garden. The prison was also there. In fact it was a deep well with a stone bottom to keep the prisoners in awful conditions. From the west and the east the fortress was surrounded with the dwellings of merchants and craftsmen. Now tourists like to visit the remains of the fortress which is regarded as a valuable historical and archeological monument.

In the vicinities of Turkmenabad there is a museum-city of Atamurat where you can see the mausoleums of Allamberdar and Astana-baba which to the present day remain the place of pilgrimage for many believers.