Aral Sea Tour from Tashkent

Aral Sea & Savitsky Museum Tour

Explore the beautiful sights of western Uzbekistan, from the Ustyurt Plateau and the Aral Sea to Muynak, with its ship cemetery, to the large collection of Russian avant-garde art at the Savitsky Museum.

Nukus, Muynak, Ustyurt Plateau, Aral Sea, Kurgancha, Sudochie lake, Kungrad, Mizdakhan, Gyaur-Kala

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Karakalpak Cuisine

Karakalpak Cuisine

Karakalpak cuisine is an interesting mix of culinary arts of many Central Asian peoples: Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kazakhs. Like many other peoples of Central Asia, Karakalpaks cook pilaf, shurpa, manty (oriental dumplings) and many other oriental dishes. Of course, the Karakalpak food has its own peculiarities.

Among meat dishes, Karakalpaks eat beef, lamb, camel, horse meat, rabbit meat and poultry. Usually, the main dishes are cooked of beef and lamb. The Karakalpaks are Muslims, they do not eat pork dishes. Sorghum, corn, millet, rice, beans and other cereals are served as garnish to the first and second meals. A lot of potatoes and vegetables are consumed.

Often Karakalpak food is a mixture of roasted meat with boiled dough. The most popular dishes are beshbarmak, pilaf, shavlya, manty, samsa, dumplings, Uzbek shurpa, mastava soup, noodle soup in a broth. Almost all dishes are served with bread made from wheat flour. Meal washed down with tea and milk. This custom was prevalent even among the nomads of the Middle Ages, and today it exists not only in the culture of Karakalpaks, but also of the Kazakhs and Turkmens.

Zhueri gurtik (dumplings) and may gurtik (oil gurtik) are one of the most popular Karakalpak foods. These dishes are old, but today often cooked by Karakalpak women.

There is one more traditional Karakalpak dish with dumplings - duram ( turama - chop). These are finely crumbled meat with dumplings. The boiled meat is finely crumbled by adult males, while the dumplings are crumbled by the present. After this, finely crumbled meat and dumplings are mixed. A bowl of duram top filled with broth is served for three or more people. Duzlyk seasoning is served with duram. It is a mixture of chopped onions with the broth fat Karakalpak duram is a unique dish which is not typical of the cuisine of other Central Asian countries.

The traditional Karakalpak food will impress any gourmet. Everyone will be able to find a dish to one’s own taste.