Vegetarian Food in Samarkand

Samarkand restaurants offer national and/or European cuisines. Places with Uzbek cuisine can offer limited options like salads or side dishes for vegetarians. We usually preorder “vegetarianized” food for our tourists, who wish to experience a local flavor without breaking the rules. It is easy to order vegetarian food in Samarkand if you go to any of the European cuisines listed below. There a la carte menu offers vegetarian options, or in some cases you can ask to prepare without meat.

Oasis Garden
Oasis Garden Restaurant Where: 59a, A. Jomiy str.
Phone: +99897 926-22-29
Guests of the Oasis Garden restaurant may taste vegetarian dishes such as
- cream soups from lentil, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach;
- roasted potatoes with rosemary, grilled champignons;
- shashlik made of tomatoes, aubergines, paprika and others.
Platan Restaurant Where: 2, Pushkin str.
Phone: +99866 233-80-49
Cozy Platan restaurant offers various vegetarian dishes:
- vegetable shashlik, grilled vegetables;
- lentil and mushroom cream soups;
- vegetable ragu;
- baked potatoes;
- binjak (lavash, feta cheese, greens, and garlic).
Suzane Lounge Bar
Suzane Lounge Bar Restaurant Where: 59, Mirzo Ulugbek str.
Phone: +99891 526-96-66
Vegetarian food options in Suzane Lounge Bar n Italian can be found in Italian meals. There you can order such dishes as
- spaghetti Al-Ragu (squash, cauliflower, paprika, tomatoes, broccoli, basilica, parmesan cheese), spaghetti Napoli classic (Neapolitano sauce, parmesan cheese, basilica), spaghetti Arabiata classic (tomato sauce, chili sauce, garlic, basilica, parmesan cheese);
- pizza;
- mushroom, tomato, garlic and spinach soups;
- vegetable shashlik (skewered barbecue);
- baked potato with rosemary;
- fried champignons with shallots;
- steamed vegetables.
T-Bone Restaurant Where: 76, Mirzo Ulugbek str.
Phone: +99866 234-05-67
Even though the name inclines to think of steaks, you can still find there vegetarian dishes. The menu offers:
- lentil, mushroom and cheese cream soups;
- pasta Vegetariano;
- draniki (Russian potato pancakes);
- fried vegetable ragu;
- aubergines with garlic and other dishes.