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Modern Andijan is a major industrial city of Uzbekistan, located in the southeast of blossoming Fergana Valley. Since ancient times the city has been one of the craft centers of the region. Pottery, ceramics, gold embroidery, copper engraving and painting prospered here, craft products from Andijan were famous all over the Silk Road. Over 60,000 exhibits at Andijan Museum of Local Lore tell about the history, life, culture and folk crafts in Ferghana Valley.

In Andijan, a home of great military leader, poet and founder of the Mongol Empire in India - Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, has Zahiriddin Babur Memorial House, showcasing the exhibits relating to his life and work. And also here is the Museum of Literature and Art, a small collection of which displays paintings, sculpture and graphics of modern Andijan masters.