Uzbek Sour Milk Dishes

Uzbek Sour Milk Dishes Uzbek sour milk dish: kurtoba

Uzbek sour milk dishes take an important place in Uzbek food. Sour milk dishes appeared long ago. Due to the hot climate ancient Uzbek people fermented milk to preserve it.

The most popular Uzbek sour milk products are katyk (sour milk) and suzma (a type of cottage cheese), kurt (ball made from sour milk, flavored with salt and pepper), kaymak (thick cream). These products can be eaten plain or added to Uzbek dishes.

Sour milk dishes - soups - are very popular in Uzbekistan and divided into vegetarian and meat, cold and hot soups. it is worth to mention ayran, cold beverage of sour milk and spring water, spiced with herbs. This beverage is very bracing and relieves thirst.