Popular Uzbek Floury Dishes

Floury dishes take almost a half of all Uzbek food. The most popular pastry is made from fresh dough, however, yeast dough is also used for cooking, especially for baking in a tandoor.

In the preparation of the second course dishes made from pastry usually used such methods of cooking as: heat treatment, boiling in water, boiling in broth, in milk, passerovanie, stewing, longing, frying, and frying followed by boiling, etc.

Uzbek floury cuisine: Beshbarmak
Uzbek floury cuisine: Manty
Uzbek floury cuisine: Chuchvara

The most popular Uzbek floury dishes are samsa, traditional patty cooked from flaky pastry with meat or other filling, manti, steamed patty with meat or other filling, khanum, steamed roll cooked from pastry with meat filling, chuchvara, soup with dumplings, various patties and other dishes.

Many Uzbek floury dishes such as samsa are baked in a tandyr oven that provides very high temperature of baking and unique smell and peculiar taste.

Noodles are used in many traditional Uzbek floury dishes, both in first and second courses. There are lagman (noodles with thick gravy of meat and vegetables), narin (noodles with spices), kaurma-lagman (fried noodles with meat and vegetables), keskan-osh (noodle soup with sour milk dressing).

Uzbek floury cuisine: Naryn
Uzbek floury cuisine: Khorezm dish Tukhum-Barak
Uzbek floury cuisine: Puff Samsa