Uzbek Meat Dishes

It is impossible to imagine the Uzbek food without meat. Traditionally, mutton is the most popular meat among Uzbek people. Beef is used rarer and horse meat is used for preparation of traditional sausage – kazy. People of coastal regions also use fish. As well as in other Muslim nations, pork is prohibited.

Uzbek meat dish: beef kebab
Uzbek meat dish: lamb kebab
Uzbek meat dish: lyulya-kebab

Traditional Uzbek meat dishes include cutlets (tukhum-dulma), shashlik (kebab), stewed meat with greens (kazan-kabob), cold meat snacks (kavurdak and khasib), roasted meat (jarkop), layered meat and vegetables stewed (dimlama) and others.

Usually Uzbek meat dishes are served with fresh vegetable salads or stewed with vegetables. During the preparation of major dishes meat is not separated from bones. To improve the taste, it is roasted in tempered cottonseed or sunflower oil. Some meat dishes are steamed.