General information about National Flag of Uzbekistan

National Symbolics of Uzbekistan

National Flag of UzbekistanThe state flag of Uzbekistan was approved on November 18, 1991 and since then, it is an official national symbol of the republic. It represents a multicolored rectangular cloth with three horizontal stripes of blue, white and green. Everything on Uzbek flag is symbolic and reflects the perception of the world of the Uzbek people and has a connection with their historical and cultural past.

The blue stripe on the flag is the symbol of the sky, water, and traditional symbol of peace, as well as the sign of historical continuity (the flag of Amir Temur’s state was also blue in color).

The white line on the cloth is the color of peace in perception of the Uzbek people, which is reflected even in the ordinary Uzbek expression "ok yul!", which means, "go in peace!".

The green color on the banner is the color of nature, new life and abundance in countries where the majority of is population are Muslims.

Red lines - symbolize the vital energy, New half moon - reflects both the national independence of the republic, and connection with the historical past of the people, its traditions.

On the banner, 12 stars are also depicted, symbolizing twelve regions of the country as well as ancient solar calendar.