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There’s no better way to experience the dismal beauty of the Aral Sea region than with an overnight stay at the Aral Sea Yurt Camp, a glorified camping experience which includes comfortable bedding in spacious yurts that are equipped with electricity and heating. Located several hours’ drive from the nearest town, the yurts are surrounded by arid, windswept hills and located near the sandy shores of the Aral Sea, making it the perfect base for short hiking excursions and an unforgettable swim in the salty, gorgeous waters of the beleaguered sea.

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Yurt Campin Aral Sea

Aral Sea Yurt Camp
Aral Sea Yurt Camp

At the Aral Sea Yurt Camp in Uzbekistan, culture and rugged exoticism collide in one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations. Sleep in traditional Karakalpak yurts, swim in the saline waters of the Aral Sea, explore the unusual terrain and more as you learn about the region’s customs and tragic history.

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