Navoi Airport, Uzbekistan

Navoi International Airport

Navoi International Airport was built in 1962. In 2007 Navoi Airport and the air traffic control system underwent modernization. 

Navoi International Airport is arranged with a runway of the ICAO II category and accepts all types of aircrafts. The runway is equipped with «Siemens» obstacle light equipment. Its navigation system is updated: it has a new 34-m high DIA tower built and new «Thales» navigation equipment installed.

Today Navoi Airport meets the international standards and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization to the facilities of such type.

Nowadays Navoi International Airport connects twelve large cities of the Eurasian continent: Almaty, Bangkok, Mumbai, Brussels, Delhi, Dhaka, Milan, Istanbul, Seoul, Frankfurt and Shanghai. The air terminal houses a deputy and VIP-passengers lounge, room for mothers with children, snack bar, first-aid post, post-office.