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Exhibition of miniatures, TashkentOn 15th February, the Center of National Arts of Uzbekistan in Tashkent carried out opening day of an exhibition of two Uzbek artists of lacquer painting - Bakhadir and Bekhzod Khadjimetovs. Both masters, father and son, present their first family exhibition, which includes more than 90 works.

The exhibition is organized under assistance of Fund “Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan” and Association of Artists "Ijod". This cultural event also symbolized opening of Art season - 2012 in Tashkent.

Center of National Arts of Uzbekistan, TashkentMiniature, as a separate kind of art, existed in Uzbekistan for many centuries, reflects way of life of those times. Owing to preserved works, historians were able to describe many of the details of the life in the country happening 5-10 centuries ago. Also, miniatures were used as illustrations for poems and stories of medieval writers of the East. This unique direction in painting was notable for its refinement of subjects and methods of studio work - with special fine brushes, which help to create very detailed paintings filled with the brightest colors.

Exhibition of miniatures, TashkentToday the Khadjimetovs, as many other masters of miniatures, try to revive this type of art of Uzbekistan. For many years, Bahodir Khadjimetov was creating different types of miniatures including ornamental painting, painting on leather, as well as traditional lacquer painting. The skills of the artist were highly appreciated in Uzbekistan and abroad. Nowadays, some of his works can be seen in different private and museum collections in such countries as Russia, USA, Germany, Japan and others.

In Uzbekistan, secrets of craftsmanship in various fields of art were usually transferred from generation to generation. Same happens in Khadjimetov’s family, where son followed in his father's footsteps, becoming an artist-miniaturist. Today Behzod Khadjimetov is a participant of numerous exhibitions, combining his creative work with teaching at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzad.

The exhibition will be open for all comers till 15th March.

Exhibition of miniatures, Tashkent Exhibition of miniatures, Tashkent Exhibition of miniatures, Tashkent
Exhibition of miniatures, Tashkent    

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