UNESCO General Conference to be held in Samarkand

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UNESCO General Conference to be held in SamarkandThe 43rd UNESCO General Conference is scheduled to take place in Samarkand in 2025, as announced by Simona Mirela Miculescu, the chairperson of the conference's 42nd session.

This marks the first time Uzbekistan will host the biennial event. Historically, these conferences have primarily been hosted at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris since 1986. However, there have been eight exceptions, with meetings held in cities like Mexico City (1947), Beirut (1948), Florence (1950), Montevideo (1954), New Delhi (1956), Nairobi (1976), Belgrade (1980), and Sofia (1985).

The General Conference, a staple since 1946, brings together representatives from all UNESCO member countries, along with observers and various intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. These sessions are pivotal in shaping the primary focus of UNESCO's initiatives.