History - Armenia XVI Century

In the end of the 13 th century Osman-bei founded his state in the outlying districts of Asia Minor. It was the birth of new great Ottoman Empire. By the end of the 14 th century they conquered Asia Minor and Balkan Peninsula. In the 15 th century Ottomans crushed Byzantine Empire and set off to Asia. The wars between Ottomans and Persians who founded the new Iranian Sefevid state in 1502 began.

In the 16 th century Turkey and Iran fought for the territories of Transcaucasia. In 1639 they, finally, signed the treaty according to which Western Armenia (the main part) belonged to Turkey, and Eastern - to Iran. Such situation lasted until the beginning of the 19 th century. Armenia entered the gloomiest period of its history. Severe political, social, national, religious oppressions led to the decline of economy and culture. The oppressed Armenia did not cease make desperate attempts to ease and improve its position. Beginning from the 14 th century Armenians addressed Christian nations for help.