History - Fall of Sasanids

Armenian historyIn the 5 th – 6 th centuries Armenia was still divided between East-Roman empire (Byzantium) and Persian Sasanid power. During that difficult period Armenians preserved themselves and their culture thanks to the courage and firmness of the people. The feudal system penetrated into both parts of Armenia; it gradually broke up into a number of princedoms. There were about 50 of them by the end of the 7 th century. The princedoms of Mamikonids, Bagratids and Artsrunids were the most influential of them.

From the middle of the 6 th century with the weakening o Sasanids Byzantium started to expand its borders in Armenia at the expense of the Persian part. In the 630s Sasanids were defeated by Arabs. The new religion, Islam, started its way.