Armenian History - Zakarid Principality

History of ArmeniaAs Armenian kingdom moved closer in Europe Armenian statehood began its revival on its historical territory (the Caucasian part of Armenia). It occurred in the 12 th century. By 1122 Christian Georgia got stronger and Tsar David IV (the Builder) could liberate Tiflis from Moslems and in 1124 Armenian city of Ani. Under Queen Tamara the entire Northern Armenia was freed from Seljuk Turks and large Zakarid principality was created.

During that epoch (12 th – 14 th centuries) the city of Ani remained the centre of Armenian culture in the north. The dependence on Georgia was nominal. The heavy blow to the prosperity of Ani and the hopes of other territories of ancient Armenia was struck Mongolian invasion. In 1236 of the hordes of Mongols attacked the princedom. And in the 14 th century they were replaced by the hordes of Tamerlane moving across entire Asia. The devastating attacks ended in mass destruction of the population and cities.