Castle of Mikael Aramyants in Akhtala

Mikael Aramyants was an Armenian businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, and public figure. He was famous and respected not only in Armenia but in neighboring Georgia as well. Mikael Aramyants built a luxurious mansion in the small Armenian village of Akhtala. In addition to the interesting architectural composition in the spirit of a European medieval castle, the mansion was the center of the cultural life of Armenia. Famous figures of science and art often gathered there.

Life of Mikael Aramyants

The life of a famous philanthropist developed in an amazing and tragic way. He sponsored the construction of many apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other significant facilities. Aramyants was a friend and colleague of another outstanding philanthropist Alexander Mantashev, who was also engaged in the construction of various architectural objects in the Caucasus.

Mikael Aramyants was born in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, in the small village of Kyatuk in a poor family. Everything that the famous entrepreneur achieved in his life was due to his hard work and determination. Working at the manufactory of Hovhannes Khublaryan, he saved some money, which he successfully invested in business development. At the age of 28, Aramyants arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia, where he began to conduct a successful trade in silk, yarn, and wool. After five years he was already a millionaire. Soon he started the extraction, sale, and transportation of oil, which brought him new capital and the opportunity for further investments. He dedicated a lot of time to charity and started constructing new buildings in Tbilisi.

Mikael Aramyants lost all his funds after the Soviet Regime was established. He died in poverty in the basement of his own house in Tbilisi (6 Machabeli St.), alone, without friends or relatives.


Mikhail Aramyants was visiting Switzerland when he saw a castle, which impressed him so much that he decided to build the similar one. He sent a local architect, Mikhail Buzoglu, to Europe to familiarize himself with the style. In 1905, the castle was completed.

Luxurious European furniture was brought, and Japanese cypresses, flowers, and shrubs were planted in the garden. The guests of the mansion included the famous opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin, writer and poet Hovhannes Tumanyan, playwright Alexander Shivarnadze, and many others. Mikael Aramyants build hospitals, farms, schools, and other important facilities in the village as well.

Today Aramyants Castle is in an abandoned state, and sadly there is not any plan for its reconstruction.